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Why do white supremacists hate Jews?

I think it is something that is deeply embedded in the culture of white supremacists. Jews have lived in Europe for over two millenia and they were continually discriminated a (MORE)

What is a Christian supremacist?

Basically any kind of supremacist is a bigot that believes they, and only they, have some fundamental knowledge, truth or the correct view on a given matter. In this case it (MORE)
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Was Henry Ford a white supremacist?

The shiort answer is partially yes. To be a white supremacist, a person must comply with two conditions. First, he must fit the moden Diversity-defined profile of a whit (MORE)

How should government handle white supremacists?

By forcing racial unity. White supremacists today still feel that they deserve to live separate from other races, and this way of thinking is encouraged because the government (MORE)

Are hells angels white supremacists?

No race is superior to the next, Hells Angels aren't white supremacists there's Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Etc. in Hells Angles cause they accept any member(no matter the race) (MORE)
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Are the hells angles white supremacist?

Not particularly anymore, as there are some Latino and other races in the Angels, NO blacks, but there are other races in the Biker gang now. However, it did start as an all w (MORE)
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Why do white supremacists believe their race is better?

Whites have been the main race to organize in a racist way to fool white skinned people into thinking that they are above everyone. Their main goal is to live separated from o (MORE)