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What is Aryan supremacy?

The belief that the Aryan race (Caucasian, Blonde-hair, blue-eyed Northern Europeans) are better than other human races (especially, in regards to the Jewish race).

What is white supremacy?

White Supremacy is the belief that whites are Superior to blacks or any other race.And those who are or believe in white supremacy are often called racist

What is the Supremacy Doctrine?

The Supremacy Clause is found in Article VI of the Constitution of the United States. It establishes that the Constitution, laws passed by Congress, and treaties of the US are (MORE)

What is Judicial Supremacy?

Judicial Supremacy is when the courts have the power of changing laws that infringe the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, or when courts make all the laws, abiding by the Charte (MORE)

What is civilian supremacy?

One of the core concepts to democracy regards the civilian controlof the military. In these systems the highest military official isthe civilian head of government as commande (MORE)
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What is racial supremacy?

the prejudice that members of the of a certain race are superior to members of other races