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Who are the Supremes?

the supremes were an American singing group in the 1960's,the group was made up of 3 girls: Florence Ballard,Mary Wilson,and Diana Ross in 67 Florence Ballard was fired becaus (MORE)

What is the masculine of sow?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English uses  gender specific nouns for a male or a female.    The noun for a female is sow; the noun for a male i (MORE)

What is masculine of whale?

The English language, unlike some other languages, doesn't always indicate the gender of a noun when it is used. If you wanted to indicate in a sentence that a whale was male, (MORE)

What is the masculine of lion?

The female of the "lion" (spelled the same in English and French) is "lioness" in English, or "lionne" (fem.) in French. The lion's cub is the "lionceau" in French.
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Is empress a masculine?

Empress is a female emperor or the wife of the male emperor. Emperor is a male emperor or the husband of the female empress. Most emperors (other than emperor penguins) tend t (MORE)
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What is the masculine of heroin?

I think you mean heroine, and the masculine would be hero. If you mean the drug, it is a neutral.
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What is the masculine for colt?

Colt IS masculine - it means young male horse. A young female horse is a filly. A mature male horse is either a stallion or a gelding, depending on whether or not he has been (MORE)