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Does the US Supreme Court hear cases involving impeachment of a public officer?

No, the only branch that has impeachment powers is the Legislative branch (Congress). Article 1, Section 2 states that the House of Representatives has the sole power of impea (MORE)

Are witnesses called to testify in US Supreme Court cases?

No. The US Supreme Court hears most cases under appellate jurisdiction, and does not listen to witness testimony. In fact, appellate courts may not retry cases, but must accep (MORE)

Is there a list of Jehovah' s Witnesses?

No such list exists. The nearest Jehovah's Witness can be contacted by finding the address of the local "Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses" in the telephone directory or by (MORE)

Who was involved in the US Supreme Court case McCulloch v Maryland?

James McCulloch, head of the Baltimore Branch of the Second Bank of the United States, was originally sued by John James, a citizen, who took action as an intervenor (a party (MORE)

Are there any US Supreme Court cases involving the Third Amendment?

No. The Third Amendment is one of the least cited parts of the Bill of Rights, and was only included because England's practice of housing British soldiers in private homes wa (MORE)

Can the US Supreme Court decide cases involving an ambassador under original jurisdiction?

Yes, the US Supreme Court has original (trial) jurisdiction over these cases, granted both by the Constitution and federal law; however, they don't have exclusive, original ju (MORE)

How does the supreme court usually rule in cases that involve overcrowding in prisons?

The Supreme Court rules on the constitutionality of issues. Their scope is only to interpret the Constitution. The premise of overcrowding in prisons is that it is an improp (MORE)