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Why do teens lie?

Teens, like most people who lie, do so to either keep themselves out of trouble or to manipulate someone into doing something for them or giving them something.
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What do you do when deacons lie?

You might need to clarify a bit. If you mean he lied during a sermon that might need to be addressed with the Priest of that Parish. If though, he just lied to you or someone (MORE)

What if you lie to a sociopath?

Nothing. They can't tell anymore than anyone else can if you're lying. However, if they find out that you lied, they'll probably try to get some sort of revenge.
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Can you lie to your love?

If it effect the person you are with then absolutely not! If you are holding a secret that will end your relationship...yes. Because eventually the truth will surface and you (MORE)
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What is jocose lie?

it is a fallacious statement made for fun and understood, or easily understandable, as a joke. it is not a serious statement.
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Why do boyfriends lie to you?

Most guys lie because they're not very confident and feel like you'd be more interested in an altered version of themselves. Some of them lie to you because they think it's wh (MORE)

Do narcissists lie?

Simple answer: yes; they lie a lot because they see nothing wrong with literally living within their own world and, if you don't indulge them by going along with their ridicul (MORE)

Why do adults lie?

they lie because they don't want to tell the truth and their trying to keep whatever they are hiding from anyone so they don't know the truth. they lie because they don't want (MORE)
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Where does Japan lie?

in asia Japan lies east of Asia and west of North America.
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Does the Internet lie?

The Internet Always fibs ( lie ). Thieves are all over the Internet just waiting for you to punch in personal info.. Becareful with personal info on the internet.
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