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How do you surf?

Surfing is really fun. You can surf anywhere with waves, east coastor west coast. To start surfing, you might want to go to a placewith small waves. Make sure you wear a wetsu (MORE)
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Where do you get surf?

When you cross lake valor Cynthia may appear she will give you a secret potion it gets you across the group of psyducks then go across them and you will be on your way to cele (MORE)
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Where to get surf?

You can surf all over the world where ever there is the ocean, but most popular locations where some sponsored surfers go to surf would be San Clemente, California where i go (MORE)
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What Is A Surf?

A surf is from the mideavil times, the surf produced foodfor the lords knights and the great monarch.
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How is kite surfing different from surfing?

kit surfing picks up wind and makes you go faster but with normal surfing you need all your own power to move it. Kite surfing is the technique in Asia and world where p (MORE)
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Why do you surf?

surfing is fun, you can compete, when your on a wave you feel amazing, and everything about it is amazing, its just like asking the question why do people play soccer, basebal (MORE)
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What are is a Surf?

I am just an ordinary girl like some of you who ask questions, but i just wanted to say this to who ever asks this question, that I am really sorry for not answering your ques (MORE)