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What is surface mail?

Surface mail is mail that is sent via a ship (surface of the earth) rather than buy Airplane (air above the earth!)
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What is surface fermentation?

Surface fermentation refers to those fermentations in which the microorganisms utilised grows on the surface of the fermentation media.Examples being citric acid surface ferme (MORE)

What is a surfaced road?

  Just about all roads are "surfaced" The term "surfaced" can be applied to roads that have a gravel surface, oiled gravel, chip seal, tarmac, or concrete. A non-surfaced (MORE)

What is the surface of Mercury?

mostly rock and iron!!!! The surface of Mercury is most similar to the surface of the moon. Both are about the same age (very roughly) and both are covered with impact craters (MORE)

What is the surface of Neptune?

Neptune's atmosphere is composed primarily of hydrogen and helium, along with traces of hydrocarbons and possibly nitrogen, contains a higher proportion of "ices" such as wate (MORE)
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What is a developable surface?

A develop-able surface is any area which can be effectively used for constructing buildings or planting crops. This makes up much of the Earth's surface except for extreme are (MORE)