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What does a surgeon do?

A surgeon performs surgery; i.e. operates on someone to fix an  internal medical problem.    There are surgeons in different fields like dental, plastic surgery  etc. (MORE)

What is a flight surgeon?

A flight surgeon is a member of the military that only provides  medical services to military aviation personnel. They will help  pilots, naval flight officers, navigators, (MORE)

How old do you have to be to be a surgeon?

In the U.S. you need to complete a surgical residency, which takes at least 5 years (longer for some types of surgeons). You need to complete medical school and college which (MORE)

What is a surgeon?

A surgeon is a doctor who performs operations on internal or external bodily tissues and organs. (for the surgeonfish, see the related question) Highly skilled doctor   (MORE)

Is a flight surgeon an actual surgeon?

The Flight Surgeon is a medical doctor that has the task of attending to all military persons of flight status. They serve as a "primary care doc" for pilots and crew.
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Do you get a vacation if you are a surgeon?

  Yeah surgeons do get vacation. Some more than others though.   If you're say, a colorectal surgeon in private practice you probably will have some pretty good vacatio (MORE)

Are gastroenterologists surgeons?

They are trained to do procedures on the intestines via the mouth  or rectum with a camera. They do not make incisions to take out  your gallbladder for instance. They would (MORE)

What is an orthopedic surgeon?

An orthopedic surgeon is a surgeon who specializes in the skeletal  system and the problems that can affect it that require either  surgical and non-surgical treatment.  (MORE)