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Can you have surgery if you have flu?

It depends on the type of surgery in most cases. The doctors will decide case by case, so talk to yours as soon as you think you have an infectious disease so they can determi (MORE)

What to do after cataract surgery?

stay in hospital for a few days and recover and use the full advantages of help been assisted there Post cataract surgery dos and don'ts are provided by the hospital/nursing (MORE)

When you have to do cataract surgery?

Senile cataract ( occuring in old age ) needs surgery if the person is unable to do his routine work. Common symptoms - unable to see long distance clearly, car driving is dif (MORE)

Can a rheumatologist do surgery?

He can if he is trained as a surgeon as well. both rheumatology and surgery are specialist fields that can be further broken down into even more specialised niches.
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