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Are you high after surgery?

I had hand surgery recently as I never had drugs before I woke up very loving and very happy after the anaesthetic but not everyone is the same so be careful.
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Did Rupaul have surgery?

He has never ever had any cosmetic surgery. Everything you see is lots of makeup (to cover freckles and minor blotchy skin all over), tight corsets, hip huggers, crotch tuckin (MORE)

Who is the father of surgery?

Usually, Physician Sushruta is called as the "Father of Surgery", who taught and practiced surgery on the banks of the Ganges around 600 BC. He wrote a book regarding Ayurveda (MORE)

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What is Cataract surgery?

It's eye surgery, to remove/replace a lens that's no longer transparent.   Treatment:   For some people with cataracts, a stronger eyeglass prescription may be all tha (MORE)

What is gallstone surgery?

Gallstone surgery is also known as gallbladder surgery. Doctors remove your gallbladder if you have gallstones present. There are 500,000 gallbladder surgeries in the United (MORE)