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Why did Rome surpass Greece as a world power?

Greece was never a world power. Greece was nothing but a collection of city-states which only united in times of severe crises. Each city was independent and had its own laws (MORE)

Were Division 1-A and Division 1-AA wins combined when Bobby Bowden surpassed Joe Paterno as the coach with the most victories?

Answer Some of Bobby Bowden's wins came against opponents who do not now have I-A programsThe statement is incorrect however as I-AA did not exist at the time. Division I was (MORE)

Does Naruto surpass the fourth Hokage?

kakashi said that naruto has more potential than the fourth hokage and that naruto is stronger and now that naruto has mastered toad sage mode and rasen shuriken that naruto h (MORE)

What does surpassed mean?

    Surpass-to be beyond the limit, powers, or capacity of; transcend: misery that surpasses comprehension. To be or go beyond, as in degree or quality; exceed. Excep (MORE)
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When will Muslim population surpass christian population?

I have seen an estimate which predicts 2020. Answer: The whole Muslim population conspiracy theory relates to bad science and poor data being used to support fear mongering. (MORE)