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Why did Japan surrender to the Chinese?

Japan had the surender to China because of the Potsdam Declaration. On July 26, the United States, Britain and China released the Potsdam Declaration announcing the terms for (MORE)

Why didn't Japan want to surrender?

It depends on what your talking about. If your asking why they didn't surrender after the first atomic bomb, the answer is that America didn't give them time. They dropped the (MORE)

Why did Japan not surrender before the bombing?

Japan didn't surrender before the bombing because they wanted to  get more favorable terms of surrender. The emperor wanted to  maintain control of the nation and they did n (MORE)

Did Japan refuse to surrender after the bombing of Hiroshima?

No, Japan didn't immediately refuse after the bombing of Hiroshima. After the bombing, Emperor Hirohito (the Japanese leader during the Second World War) went into consultatio (MORE)

Did Japan surrender because of America or Russia?

Japan's Surrender     Possibly both, in a way.   By the end of the war the Japanese military wanted to continue the war. They believed in the glory of a beautiful (MORE)