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Is Surrey in London?

Surrey is not in London. It is a county that borders Greater London. Here are a few areas which are still mistakenly referred to as 'Surrey' but are officially part of Great (MORE)

Is Surrey an accent?

Surrey is a county of England, UK. Most people living in Surrey do not have Irish, Welsh or Scottish accents, nor do they have northern or 'west country' accents. Many wil (MORE)

Are there any drop bears in surrey?

yes i am a school teacher and i went on a residential trip to a nearby camp called PGL and we went on a hike we were warned that there was drop bears a type of koala that was (MORE)
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What part of London is surrey?

It is not a part of London. Surrey is a county, to the south  west of London.  Parts of Surrey have now been absorbed into London. For example,  the post area of Croydon is (MORE)

Is surrey British Columbia a ghetto?

No, that would not be accurate, given that the word "ghetto" often  means a "slum." That does not really describe Surrey. What does  describe it, however, is the fact that i (MORE)

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