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What is surveying?

Surveying? land surveying is the measurment of land. land surveyors measure and mark property lines and create legal descriptions of property to establish deeds of land for of (MORE)

What is a survey?

A survey can be a set of questions asked of a demographic group toreveal statistical information about their habits. or It can be an examination of a premises, object or loc (MORE)

What does a survey do?

A survey does a lot as far as giving companies or peopleinformation on what consumers think. By using surveys, one can findout how others feel about the government, television (MORE)

What is surveys?

Surveys are a set of questions meant for random people or certainpopulations to answer. These surveys help to improve the service oreducate the person asking the question.

What are surveys?

The collection of information from a common group throughinterviews or the application of questionnaires to a representativesample of that group.

How do you do a survey?

A survey is something you take for people to find out your opinions, so they can make there business better. When someone asks you to take a survey, they want you to give (MORE)
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What is on a survey?

You can have anything on a survey, like questions that people can answer. Here is an example of a survey done with a couple of people:
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Why do you have a survey?

Surveys are a way to derive conclusions about various properties of a population. Population need not refer to people but can be other living things or inanimate objects. The (MORE)
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Why do you have to do survey?

You need information to make decisions. That information can be obtained by doing a comprehensive study - a census - a smaller study - a survey. A census is likely to be much (MORE)