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What is survival?

Survival is meeting your basic needs for keeping all your organswell and working aka not dying. To do so you will need water forhydration , food for nourishment and ability to ( Full Answer )
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How do squirrels survive?

Squirrels have adaptations for survival in the wild. Their mainadaptations for survival is storing nuts and berries for thewinter.
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How monkeys survive?

Monkeys have several adaptations for survival in the wild. Oneadaptation is monkeys use their tails and legs to swing from branchto branch to avoid predators.
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What symbols mean surviving or survival?

There are no official symbols that stand for surviving or survival.However, some people attribute bamboo, panda bears, and polar bearsas survival images.
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What are the adoptations for survival for survival of a penguin?

Penguins have many adaptation for survival. First is their abilityto swim, this allows them not only to hunt for food but to escapepredators. A penguin can swim up to 9 mph. S ( Full Answer )
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How do flies survive?

flies survive by eating different types of food eg. nectar from flowers, germ infested food from rubbish bins :)
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How can you survive the snowpocalypse?

Tips for surviving the snowpocalypse: . By hunting snow leopards on a snowboard. . Wear all your clothes at the same time. . Stock up on hot cocoa. . Shout how many inch ( Full Answer )
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Is survival the noun for survive?

Yes, the word 'survival' is a noun form of the verb to survive. Other noun forms of the verb to survive are survivor and thegerund, surviving.
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What can you survive?

Perhaps you ment to ask HOW can you survive, instead of what can you survive. The answer to that would simply be "you can survive if you have a long-lasting amount of wat ( Full Answer )
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What does the do to survive?

Human beings will survive for a few times while not food, however,going while not water for extended periods of your time will bedeadly, most likely the foremost vital part of ( Full Answer )