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Did a megalodon survive?

the evidence supports that it did not. however as with any othere creature or entity reported by people in life there is always that flimsy but very real possiblity of its pre (MORE)

Did Anastasia survive?

No she didn't :( she was buried in a different place along with her baby brother alexi ,What happened was that when the Romanov's were shot all girls were wearing a diamond ma (MORE)
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How do plants survive?

They take energy from the sun's rays and go through a process  called photosynthesis that helps the plant grow and give off  oxygen. They also need water and Carbon Dioxide (MORE)
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What if Aaliyah survived?

If Aaliyah had survived she wouldn't have been able to keep her  career because from what I read, the severities of her injuries  would have made it virtually impossible for (MORE)

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How do chihuahuas survive?

  By having owners that provide for them. If they are given food, water, shelter, medical care, and love Chihuahua's can live for a long time.
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How do nomads survive?

Nomads often survive by selling products that they make, or their  services to others who are in need of them. It can sometimes be  difficult to earn enough money. If they c (MORE)

How did the pterodactyl survive?

When Pterodactylus hatched, they either survived off of a yolk sack or were fed by their parents for just a few days until their wings developed enough that they could fly. Th (MORE)
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How do moose survive?

there hair actually holds the cold air and there body warms the air keeping them warm. if that makes sense
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What does the do to survive?

Human beings will survive for a few times while not food, however,  going while not water for extended periods of your time will be  deadly, most likely the foremost vital p (MORE)