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When is sinusitis suspected?

Diagnosis is sometimes tricky, because the symptoms so often resemble those of an uncomplicated cold. However, sinusitis should be strongly suspected when a cold lingers beyon (MORE)

What do you suspect in a guy?

I hope you meant to ask "expect" instead of "suspect". Otherwise, you are going to get a really long list, most likely beginning with "cheating and lying".

When can malingering be suspected?

When a patient is referred for examination by an attorney When the onset of illness coincides with a large financial incentive, such as a new disability policy When objective (MORE)

How do you stop suspecting?

By trusting your partner. There isn't much you can do to stop someone from being untrue so one can only put their faith in their partner and give them reasons to stay faithf (MORE)
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Is suspect a verb?

A verb is an action word so suspect would be a verb because you are doing something. It can also be a noun.
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Can suspect be an adverb?

No, although suspect can be an adjective as well as a noun. The most likely adverb for suspect is "suspiciously."
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What is an adverb for suspect?

The noun suspect has an adjective suspected, which has no adverbform. It also has the adjective "suspecting" which has the adverb form"suspectingly" (it is much more popular i (MORE)