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Why were some Americans suspicious of unions?

During the 1950s, labor unions were under heavy scrutiny by the  government for corruption, racketeering, and other illegal deeds.  This caused a missed trust of unions amon (MORE)
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What is mind?

In the materialistic world, Mind is the most neglected part of our body because it is invisible to others. Our knowledge of mind is totally distorted. Mind is a buffer and f (MORE)

Who was Suspicious of Hamlet?

Claudius was suspicious of Hamlet. Because he killed Hamlet's  father to get the throne, it was only natural that he was afraid  Hamlet might try to exact revenge.
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Why is danforth suspicious of Mary Warren?

Abigail is saying that she is doing God's work by pointing out the devil's people and now she is getting accused that she is pretending. Then Abigail says that Mary Waren is s (MORE)

What does suspicious mean?

Suspicious means having or showing a cautious distrust of someone or something. It also means to cause someone that he is dishonest or questionable. It also means to have the (MORE)

Why is the boss suspicious of george?

In "Of Mice and Men," the boss comes to view George as suspicious  due to his relationship with Lennie. George handles Lennie's  paycheck and he believes he may be exploitin (MORE)

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