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What are sutures?

Sutures are a device to hold a wound together or to close a surgery. the easiest way to think about it is to sew your body together. the device looks like thread with a curved (MORE)

Suture in the knee?

Any more information? is it to do with taking the suture out or putting on in? or is it to do with what type or what size? best suture to put in (depending on the reason for i (MORE)

What does suture mean?

Suture is basically a stitch when you have a deep cut. So if you get stitches to close a wound they may tell you how many sutures they used to close the gash. Suture+stitch we (MORE)

What are the sutures in the skull?

Squamous suture (separates the temporal bone from the parietal bone), Coronal suture (separates the frontal bone from the parietal bone), Sagittal suture (separates the pariet (MORE)

What is a saggital suture?

It's the immovable joint between the two parietal bones of the skull. It's located in the middle of the frontal and occipital bones going vertically. The sagittal suture conne (MORE)

What is a suture abcess?

I had surgery on my ankle, and they left a stitch in. When it started hurting and draining the surgeon wanted to see me. That is when he told me that I had a suture abcess, bu (MORE)

What are the type of sutures?

There are absorbable sutures, such as the surgical gut and fascia lata. Then there are non-absorbable sutures, such as silk, cotton, wire, dacron, linen, silver wire clips, si (MORE)

What are suture lines?

A suture is the name given to the stitches used to close a wound or during an operation. The suture lines are the line of sutures used that remain visible even after the sutur (MORE)