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Who killed Suzanne Degnan?

William Heirens confessed and was convicted for the murder of 6 year old Suzanne Degnan on January 7, 1946. He confessed to 2 more murders but later recanted all 3 confesstion (MORE)
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What was Suzanne Pleshette known for?

Sizanne Pleshette was a voice actress and actress known from movies like Rome Adventure and The Birds. She has also appeared in TV series like Route 66, Columbo and Name Of Th (MORE)

Does Suzanne Collins have any Hobbies?

She loves to write, obviously, and has two children and a husband. Her favorite activities include reading, writing, running, hiking, and gymnastics. Suzanne Collins' favorite (MORE)

What are Suzanne Collins favorite hobbies?

Suzanne Collins enjoys reading, writing, gymnastics and as a kid enjoyed exploring the woods (as Katniss does in "The Hunger Games")
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Is Suzanne Collins still alive?

yes because she is currently doing a presenting the book and is really excited about the film and how it turned out
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What is Suzanne Collins favorite food?

Brazilian red hot chili peppers with a side of tabacco. And her favorite drink is chocolate milk mixed with coke.
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What is Suzanne malveaux race?

Suzanne Malveaux was born in Lansing, Michigan into a New Orleans-based family of African, Spanish, and French descent. Her Louisiana French Creole
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What was Suzanne Collins childhood story?

Child Life:Suzanne Collins was one to get in the game. She loved Gymnastics, Reading, and Running around in the woods with her friends. She also loved cat's. Never thought abo (MORE)