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Which is faster the dodge tomahawk or the Suzuki Hayabusa?

The Dodge Tomahawk, ofcourse. Sources say it can hit a staggering  400 mph, which is twice more than the Hayabusa that can hit a 200  mph on road. But the Hayabusa is more p (MORE)

What is a hayabusa engine?

The Hayabusa engine comes stock in the top of the line Suzuki gsxr motorcycles. It was the fastest production motorcycle until Kawasaki came out with there 1400cc ninja. It is (MORE)

Hayabusa what does it mean?  The name Hayabusa translates directly from the Japanese as  Peregrine Falcon, the bird said to be capable of speeds of over 200  mph (322 km/h) - and p (MORE)

How do you change the battery on a suzuki hayabusa?

First, remove the seat by taking out the two Allen head bolts on both sides at the back of the seat holding the seat on. Set the seat to the side and you will see the battery. (MORE)

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