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What is the capital of Svalbard?

The capital city of Svalbard (archipelago in Norway) is the town of Longyearbyen. (pop. 2000)
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Where is Svalbard located?

Svalbard is located far north of the ARCTIC circle about 600 miles from the north pole. it is in Norway territory and u can fly from oslo or tromso. it is at the north east of ( Full Answer )
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What is svalbard like?

Svalbard is (in my opinion) an amazing place. Why? Well because it holds so many features in which are extraordinary such as, Northern lights, Seed vault and painted houses. I ( Full Answer )
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What is the jobs in svalbard?

Most people in Svalbard either work in the mining industry, the tourism industry or doing research at the University. There are also jobs in some shops & bars.
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How cold is svalbard?

Svalbard is extremely cold the max tempreature is 5 degrees and the lowest is -17 degrees.
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Who discovered svalbard?

William Barentz discovered it in 1596 (with the Dutch), though it may have been visited centuries prior by Scandinavians.
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What is famous about svalbard?

It has the distinction of being the northernmost of many things, such as northernmost city, ATM, university, etc...
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Why is Svalbard important?

Svalbard is important because the snw is melting and we need to help all the animals in danger
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Who lives in svalbard?

Normal people like you and me. But they just live in a cold isolated place. I Longyearbyen (capital) they have a small supermarket to source the whole town/city. Further into ( Full Answer )
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How could you get to svalbard?

Some cruises of the Norwegian coast go to Svalbard, however the safest and cheapest method is a flight from Tromso to the one public airport on the island which is in Longyear ( Full Answer )