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What is the temperature of a swamp?

It depends on where the swamp is located. Usually it is muggy and humid but it can also be moist, damp, and a whole lot of other things. As I said earlier, depending on the lo (MORE)

What is a swamp?

A swamp is a wetland featuring temporary or permanent inundation of large areas of land, by shallow bodies of water.. a tract of wet, spongy land, often having a growth of so (MORE)

What are swamps?

Swamps are areas of wetland that have large, permanent areas of shallow, and sometimes deep, water. They can be either fresh or salt water. Swamps are very diverse and are (MORE)

What is the swamp temperature?

The average temperature of a swamp is 45 degrees Celsius or 113degrees Fahrenheit. Swamp temperature can vary depending where itis located and what type of swamp it is.

Do swamp wallabies live in swamps?

Despite its name, the swamp wallaby does not live in swamps. Its preferred habitat is dense woodland or bushland undergrowth or sandstone heath, but there can be swampy marshl (MORE)
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Does Panama have swamps?

I can definitively say that Panama has at least one swamp, as I spent much time walking through it as a soldier stationed there. It is called the Majinga Swamp.