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Are swans nice?

No they are not nice at all. they see humans as a threat.They can  snap your leg to a broken bone. I just got attacked by one and they  will do anything to protect them and (MORE)

Is Swan Lake a song in Harry Potter?

No, but there was some controversy when a reviewer accused the  composer from Harry Potter of ripping the Harry Potter theme off  from Swan Lake Andante. However, most peopl (MORE)
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What is the Swan Lake costume?

Typically, the female dancers in Swan Lake wear tutus. In Swam Lake they wear feathered headresses as well, and of course tights and ballet slippers.
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What is the name of the girl in Swan Lake?

The name of the swan maiden in the ballet of Swan Lake is Princess  Odette. The main story for it is that the Prince's friends are  eager for the chase, but he begs them to (MORE)

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Where was the swan lake ballet originated?

Many critics have disputed the original source of the Swan Lake story. The Russian ballet patriarch Fyodor Lopukhov has called Swan Lake   a "national ballet" because of i (MORE)