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Is Windsor swanky?

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How can I grow swanky little hips?

repeatedly stick your finger or other tube shaped object down your throat after each meal.
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Is swanky really a word or just slang?

A real word? Let me ask you this. Can you use it in a sentence so that other people understand what you mean? If the answer is Yes, then it is a real word. Slang words are r ( Full Answer )
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What is the word origin of the word 'swanky'?

In 1842, someone added the letter 'y' to the word 'swank', which was coined in 1809. For more information, please access the related link below:
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Who is swanky in Donkey Kong?

Pretty much ever single person in donkey kong is considered swanky. They are swanky because they are monkeys which relate to the baboon and thus affects the Earth's gravitiati ( Full Answer )
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Where did the the word swanky come from?

May have been adopted from an Old German word meaning to 'strut' adopted into English in the 14th Century and used as a dialect word in South Western England
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Who came up with the word swanky?

The word has been known since the 1500's in German as 'swanken, or 'swingan, meaning an attractive young fellow. There is also evidence of a English Midlands and Southern Engl ( Full Answer )