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Can swans fly?

Swans Fly? Swans can fly very well and very high, and they make it look easy.
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What Is a swan?

\nA Swan is a bird in the family of Anatidae. A young swan is called a cygnets when adult male is called a cob. Most swans are white, while others are different colors.
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Where do swans migrate to?

A little city in Italy where they eat coffee cakes and drink tea all day.
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What is the feminine of a swan?

A female swan is called a Pen. A male is a Cob and a young swan is a Cygnet.
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Are swans nice?

No they are not nice at all. they see humans as a threat.They cansnap your leg to a broken bone. I just got attacked by one and theywill do anything to protect them and their (MORE)
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Does the swan river have swans?

yes, there are many swans in the swan river, but most population of swan river swans are located in the burswood area and near the foreshore. well done
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Why are swans named swans?

The Old English name is derived from a number of old European names. Swanaz is a Germanic word. The Dutch word is Zwaan. Old Norse is Zvnar. These words can be loosely transla (MORE)
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Do swans bite?

Swans really bite if you get near their babies. They fear you might hurt their babies, so yeah they bite. And dont go near them!! =)
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What is the analogy for swan?

That they seem graceful and contained to the outside world, but underneath it all, they are struggling and paddling just like everyone else.
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What is a swan-?

The official definition for a swan is "a large waterbird with along flexible neck, short legs, webbed feet, a broad bill, andtypically all-white plumage."