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What is a swap disk?

Swap disks are commonly used in Unix based operating systems and are inaccessible areas of disk used for the system to store data temporarily. In Windows it is known as "Virtu (MORE)

What is Hot swapping?

Hot swapping is the act of switching an original disc from your 360 out and putting in an empty disc and downloading the game and then modding it when your computer and being (MORE)

What is cog-swap?

Cog-swap is an ELF program which allows it's user to fool the PlayStation 2's copy-protection code. The PS2 checks a loaded disk at boot-time to see if it is an authentic, "pr (MORE)

What is the purpose of swapping?

The purpose of swapping is to exchange values of variables from oneform memory system to another one. This is a process of exchangingdata.

What is swap magic for?

Swap Magic is a disc used to enable the playback of PS2 games from outside your home region. For example, games bought in the USA can be played on consoles made in Europe.
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What is a swap test?

It is where they "swab" your throat and take it to the lab and they check for bacteria.

What is a pi swap?

In 1996 Ford converted the Mustang GT base engine from a 5.0 liter pushrod engine to a 4.6 liter modular engine "overhead cam design". This was Ford's first go with the modula (MORE)
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How do you get your wife to swap?

Are you talkign about the TV show or swinging? If the TV show, ask her. If the other, if she doesn't bring it up, dont ask! Women arealways in control of swinging relationship (MORE)

What is swap in c?

swapping is nothing but interchanging the values of a given character for example : if a=5 , b=4 before swapping then it becomes a=4,b=5 after swapping