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What is the purpose of swapping?

The purpose of swapping is to exchange values of variables from oneform memory system to another one. This is a process of exchangingdata.
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What is a swap?

A place that is like a market. People gather there to buy, sell, or trade.
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What is swapping and what is its purpose?

Swapping was an older form of memory management. It was moving from/to secondary storage a whole program at a time, in a scheme known as roll-in/roll-out. Now swapping is a fa (MORE)
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What is a capacity swap?

A capacity swap is what got Qwest and global crossing in trouble with the SEC a few years ago. It basically goes like this: Qwest sells $100,000 in capacity to global crossing (MORE)
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How do you get your wife to swap?

Are you talkign about the TV show or swinging? If the TV show, ask her. If the other, if she doesn't bring it up, dont ask! Women arealways in control of swinging relationship (MORE)
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What is cold swapping?

Replacing/removing the components of a system after removing the battery or after shutting down the system.
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How do you swap wife?

First of all you find another couple or couples that are amenableto the idea, this can be done through different contact services onthe web or in certain types of magazines. Y (MORE)
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Can you swap brains?

i would say no since your brain controls everything so if u taken it out u would die Despite all the television shows and movies, it is impossible to physically swap brains. (MORE)
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What is collateral swap?

If you are speaking of loans, collateral is the object(s) that thefinancing company, typically a bank, hold as security to guarantypayment. It is possible for the borrower to (MORE)
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How can you swap bodies?

You can't yet with currant technologies and it is unlikely to happen any time soon. Also there are no known ways to swap bodies with magic either (I will not debate magic's ex (MORE)