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Why do ants swarm?

ants swarm to take down bigger stuff like grasshoppers, slugs, bees, and occasionally they can get a hold of small animals like squirrels.. some species of ants have be known (MORE)
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What is a group of swarm?

A swarm is usually the term for a large 'group' in one place. You cannot have a group of swarm as a swarm is a group
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Why do Ravens swarm?

They usually do to find food and attack. Many scientists found that ravens are excellent when using teamwork.

Is it there was a swarm of bees or there were a swarm of bees?

"Swarm" is a collective noun and takes a singular verb. Although many bees make a swarm, it is meant to be taken as one whole. The correct sentence is, "There was a swarm of b (MORE)
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What is swarming?

It is the the process by which a queen leaves the old hive along with approximately one half of workers in that colony and takes a new shelter.
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What is swarm noun?

The noun 'swarm' is a singular, common, concrete noun. The noun 'swarm is also a standard collective noun for: . a swarm of ants . a swarm of bees . a swarm of butterflies (MORE)