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What is Swastika?

Su - Well, good + asti - to be In Sanskrit, Suastika means 'well being'. (Clockwise motion) Swa- destruction by fire + asti- to be The paradoxical existence as anti- matter ( Full Answer )
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What is a swastika?

The suastika is derived from the ancient phonetic script SU (good) + ASTI (to be) to mean the finite existence of good & well being. The phonetic script SWA (destruction by fi ( Full Answer )
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What does swastika represent?

There doesn't seem to be a clear-cut answer to the above. Some believe it was first used in India while others seem to believe it to be a religious symbol of the universe some ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of swastika?

1.a swastika is a ornament 2.a swastika was used by Hitler VKCSLCaljNJOZMN MZBNC JSAHNXJASHXKZHJCKLZjCKhZCJLHSJLCHJHCLKJCLSJHCHILOKJHZNCK this was made by George who ( Full Answer )
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What do swastikas do?

It is a symbolic ancient tantric (mystic/black magic) ideograph used in ancient rituals to evoke similar element like the sun in clockwise motion for progressive life or the ' ( Full Answer )
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What is a defintion for swastika?

the swastika is really only a crooked cross but when the Nazis started forming they made it their symbol
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Why was there a swastika on the Hindenburg?

At the time the Nazi party was in control of Germany. The Hindenburg was used a Nazi form of propaganda. They painted their symbol on the side of it to show that they were sup ( Full Answer )
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Why was swastika important?

It was important becuz it showed peace but when the holocost came it ment death rasisim
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What is the symbol of swastika?

See the related link for an article with pictures. The swastika has been used by many cultures through history, with various meanings. It is now mostly recognized in connecti ( Full Answer )
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Why is the swastika tilted?

The swastika is the oldest symbol in the world, dating back 5000 years. it is a symbol for pretty much anything positive, love, friendship, compassion, peace, good fortune, so ( Full Answer )