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What is a sweat gland?

Sweat glands are small tube-like structures of the skin that  produce sweat, a fluid that is secreted by the body to maintain  thermoregulating balance. There are two main t (MORE)

How does the sweat gland produce sweat?

There are two types of sweat glands on the skin: apocrine â?? found  mainly in the armpit area â?? and eccrine glands, which are found  all over the skin surface. The mech (MORE)

Where are the dogs sweat glands located?

Dogs have 2 types of sweat glands. The first type is called merocrine glands. These are located in the foot pads of dogs (and cats) and function to help cool the animal. The s (MORE)

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What do sweat glands do?

Sweat glands, also known as sudoriferous glands, produceperspiration that helps cool your body (that's why you sweat whenit's hot).. Sweat is an excretory product that helps t (MORE)