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Why is a sweatshirt called a sweatshirt?

  Sweatshirt is called a sweatshirt because it absorbs sweat due to the thick cotton it is made up of.Sweatshirt was basically designed to be worn under other clothing to (MORE)

Who invented the sweatshirt?

  Answer   The sweatshirt was invented in the early 1900's by Russell Corporation of Alexander City, Alabama when the owner Ben Russell's son complained that wool shi (MORE)
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Where can you get morning sun sweatshirts?

Just google Morning Sun Sweatshirts? You can buy them on the internet. I don't know of any stores that sell them except maybe Herberger's. The one I have I just love, never ha (MORE)
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Why did Earl Sweatshirt get arrested?

Earl Sweatshirt did not get arrested, his mother sent him to a correctional school in Samoa.
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Why was earl sweatshirt arrested?

He actually wasn't arrested but was sent to a work camp/ boarding school. The motto Free Earl was just a way to get odd future more buzz in the future when they would introduc (MORE)

Why is it called a sweatshirt?

It is called a sweatshirt because it keeps you from sweating,   but will still keep you warm.   A sweatshirt may be used in sports activities/training etc,   in order (MORE)

How to cut a sweatshirt?

  if you're looking to make the neck a little more loose and/or a more relaxed hood, make a small cut at the center of the neck about half and inch straight down. very gen (MORE)