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Why did Hana remember such men as General Takima in the lesson the enemy by Pearl S Buck?

Hana was looking at the improved condition of the young soldier when she remembered General Takima whose triumphs on the battlefield were not worth remembering in comparison t (MORE)

What jobs did men have in the 1940's?

The kinds of jobs men had in the 1940's often involved physical  labor. Many of the jobs we do today with machinery required a lot  of manual labor to get them done, such as (MORE)

What happens to Anthony and johanna at the end of sweeny todd?

The last time you see Anthony is when he is getting a carriage for them so they can runaway, telling Johanna to wait for him there, then she hears a women coming upstairs so s (MORE)

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Why are men men?

Men are men because of their genetics. The genetics from the father either pass an X or a Y chromosome to the child. If it is Y, the child is a boy and will grow to be a man. (MORE)

How did 1800's men clean their muzzleloader?

  For the most part cleaning of muzzle loaders has not changed. Some of the cleaning products have changed or evolved, but the methods remain. A quick cleaning out in the (MORE)