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What do the men in Pakistan do?

They work, spend time with family and friends and love to eat a  lot.   Normally, men are not very fond of personal health, parties, etc.,  however, exceptions are alway (MORE)

How were men treated in Of Mice and Men?

It depends on the terms. Take crooks, he was dark skinned, and treated lower in class than that of the others, he was just the 'stable buck'. All men were seemingly treate (MORE)

Who are the minute men?

The Minute Men were a militia in the colonies that were supposed to be able, whatever they were doing, to get their gun and everything else they would need to battle, so they (MORE)

Why is it that men are actually men?

because they have an X and a Y chromosome while females have two X chromosomes. chromosomes hold genes which are comprised of dna. these genes are like the building instructio (MORE)

Why do men like other men?

Because that is the sexual orientation they were born with regardless of whether they identify as bisexual, pansexual, heteroflexible, or something else.
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Why men like men?

If a man likes another man it isn't a bad thing. It simply means they do not feel attracted to women. Their bodies still function the same, but women just do not appeal to the (MORE)

Why are men men?

Men are men because of their genetics. The genetics from the father either pass an X or a Y chromosome to the child. If it is Y, the child is a boy and will grow to be a man. (MORE)

How did 1800's men clean their muzzleloader?

  For the most part cleaning of muzzle loaders has not changed. Some of the cleaning products have changed or evolved, but the methods remain. A quick cleaning out in the (MORE)

Is sweeny todd an gothic novel?

It is gothic, because all of the main characters ended up killing themselves or going insane, but I would think it is more of a horror book than a gothic one, alos I thought i (MORE)