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What is a sweep generator?

Answer . A sweep generator is an instrument used to align IF circuits in older FM radios that used adjustable IF coils in the circuits. The generator "sweeps" the frequenci (MORE)

What is sweep rowing?

"sweep rowing" is a type of rowing stroke. A sweep oar boat is where each rower has only one oar, on alternate sides down the boat, and a sculling boat is one where each rower (MORE)
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What is charge sweep out?

If a particle interacts with matter in a semiconductor and produces one or more charged reaction product(s), those products will go on to ionise other atoms in the semiconduct (MORE)
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What is a blood sweep?

The blood sweep is a tactical medical technique for rapidly assessing the downed victim while maintaining a reasonable degree of situational awareness.

What is a ship's sweeps?

This term comes from the old days when ships relied on sail power. Some ships had an alternate source of propulsion in case there was no wind. These were very long oars called (MORE)

Where does a sweep live?

If you are talking about the fish, that is nicknamed a sweep then they most commonly are found in the Pacific Ocean and the east Indian Ocean. The accurate name of the "sweep" (MORE)

How many sweeps were there?

I'm going to presume your question is, "How many World Series ended in a four game sweep?" This occurred in 1907 (one tie), 1914, 1922 (one tie), 1927, 1928, 1932, 1938, 1939 (MORE)