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What avenged sevenfold solos do not have sweeping?

Knowing the ones I know currently, quite a few doesn't really have sweeping, the ones I know of that do have sweeping is sidewinder, seize the day and natural born killer. The (MORE)

How many NBA Finals were a sweep?

There have been eight teams to sweep their rivals in the NBA Finals. It happened in the following years: 2006-07 San Antonio Spurs 4-0 Cleveland Cavaliers2001-02 Los Angeles (MORE)

What is a ship's sweeps?

This term comes from the old days when ships relied on sail power. Some ships had an alternate source of propulsion in case there was no wind. These were very long oars called (MORE)

When were chimney sweeps abolished in the UK?

They are still done today, but in 1875 a new law was passed that allowed only registered people to undertake the work. Back in 1840 a lengthy law was passed making it illegal (MORE)
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What is a sweeps in golf?

A sweep in golf is basically a competition, where everyone pays an entry fee and the prizes are awarded to the players with the best scores.
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What is a bug sweep?

  A ComSec LLc Bug Sweep - TSCM Survey will provide a professional evaluation of your business, executive offices, vehicles, aircraft or facility's security posture agains (MORE)
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What is a sweep on a raft?

It is kind of like a great big rudder. Put "sweep on a raft" into a search engine and you will find a site for homemade raft construction, and a picture of a sweep. I was prob (MORE)