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What is sweet?

What is sweet? it depends on the kind of sweet you are asking for. When it comes to the word sweet, there's sugar, honey, different kinds of trapical fruits,
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How can you be sweet?

Well there are lots of ways you can be sweet. If you are a man you can take your girl out on a date and give her flower or candy or whatever it is. If you are a female you cou ( Full Answer )
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Do sweet potatoes taste sweet?

Sweet potatoes are not actually sweet. They are called sweet potatoes because they are not bland, and people back in the day had never tasted such a good potato before. Becaus ( Full Answer )
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Are sweet tarts sour or sweet?

Sweet Tarts are a little bit of both. It tastes more sour but it is really equal.
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What can sweets do to you?

Sweets can desifer into your blood stream and give you a rush to your head because it is the quickest to absorb from the stomach once digested. It may cause obesity if eaten t ( Full Answer )
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What is sweetness?

Sweetness is one of the qualities humans are able to taste, along with sour, bitter, salty, and "umami."
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What does sweets to the sweet mean?

Sweets is a British term for candy therefore Sweets to the Sweet is a term of endearment meaning candy for the sweetheart.
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Spell Sweets for your sweets in french?

des bonbons pour ma douce (if you really ment sweets for your sweet) The song actually comes out as "biche oh ma biche" and was sung by J.Halliday (I think) Most classic rock ( Full Answer )
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What do sweets have in them?

you will have to be more specific as some sweet companies claim to have less of some ingredients than others
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Is sweet sweet sweet a repetition?

I'd say it is. Repetition is something (an idea, a word, a phrase etc. etc.) which is REPEATED for effect. Here, the word 'sweet' is repeated. It is done for effect. Hank Will ( Full Answer )