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What is swelling?

swelling is more or less a bump that grows on a part of your body. swellings can be caused by about a million things, std's, bruises, or skin irratation to name a few.
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Why do you swell?

your tissues fill with fluid or what doctors like to call edema. this can be from a number of underlying causes such as a side effect from certain medications a person may tak (MORE)
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Swelling of foot?

Swelling of the foot can indicate a condition known as gout. It iscaused by too much uric acid in the body, and results in swellingof the hands, fingers, and toes.
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Why does the tongue swell?

because you've had your tonge piered and it is infection but it sure does hurt if its you in the pain
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How do you spell swell?

That is the proper spelling of "swell" (to enlarge, something good, or a sea wave).
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How do you stop the swelling?

Well you can put ice on it. You could also use Neosporin and other gels. You should elevate it too.
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What is a swell-bow?

When you smash your elbow really hard and it has a gnarly bump. Usually a swell-bow also the tendency to stay on one's arm for a while... I think in medical terms it is techni (MORE)
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Why does chapati swell?

While preparing Chapati, wheat floor is turned into a hard paste by adding water and then turned into shape of a circular plate. This circular plate is placed on hot Tawaa whe (MORE)
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What swells when you are pregnant?

Mostly your feet and ankles but sometimes your hands and face....I've heard of women in ate pregnancy swelling slightly all over from the extra fluid.