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Why do your ankles swell?

Edema (Swelling of Body Parts) . Peripheral or dependent edema is the accumulation of fluid in the parts of the body that are most affected by gravity. In ambulatory peo (MORE)
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What causes a swell?

swell can have two meanings- the first one can mean larger than normal, bigger, larger. the second meaning can mean- good great. for example, 'when i think of the swell t (MORE)
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What is swelling?

swelling is more or less a bump that grows on a part of your body. swellings can be caused by about a million things, std's, bruises, or skin irratation to name a few.
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Why do you swell?

your tissues fill with fluid or what doctors like to call edema. this can be from a number of underlying causes such as a side effect from certain medications a person may tak (MORE)
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What swells in biology?

There are many things that "swell" in terms of biology, one of them being the blood vessels (more specifically capillaries) which swell during inflammation.

How do you get swelling out your face?

it depends on where the swelling is if it is under the eye rub it with gold (a gold ring) on the forehead ice it for a hour ir two the repeat every 2 hours until the swelling (MORE)

What can you do for the swelling of cellulitis?

The first and most important step is to treat the infection causing the swelling with antibiotics. The swelling will respond to rest and elevation of the legs (if that is wher (MORE)

How to reduce swelling?

ibuprofen, anti inflammatory meds ice, sometimes cold lotions if its a skin rash or urn aloe too, but mostly icing frequently and meds.
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What induces swelling?

Swelling is caused (induced) by fluids accumulating in tissues and joints in response to a trauma (injury).