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What can you do for the swelling of cellulitis?

The first and most important step is to treat the infection causing the swelling with antibiotics. The swelling will respond to rest and elevation of the legs (if that is wher (MORE)
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What is a swell-bow?

When you smash your elbow really hard and it has a gnarly bump. Usually a swell-bow also the tendency to stay on one's arm for a while... I think in medical terms it is techni (MORE)

What is to swell up?

To expand, to get larger. Swelling often involves the absorption of water or other liquids.
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Why do your ankles swell?

Edema (Swelling of Body Parts)     Peripheral or dependent edema is the accumulation of fluid in the parts of the body that are most affected by gravity. In ambu (MORE)

Swelling on forehead?

Swelling on the forehead can be caused by an injury like a hit to  the head in a fall. There are also medical conditions that can  cause forehead swelling like sebaceous cys (MORE)
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Swelling of feet?

If you have a personal medical problem, go and see a Doctor, the  internet is not place to seek PERSONAL medical advice.
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