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Who invented the swimsuit?

The concept of a suit made especially for bathing did not appear  until the 18th century. In the 1920s, Australian swimmer Annette  Kellerman was the first to market a line (MORE)
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What is a grab bag swimsuit?

Swim shops often offer a "grab bag" swim suit where you give them your size and they give you any one of their available suits. You do not get to choose which particular suit (MORE)

What is a tankinis swimsuit?

Basically it is a 1 piece swim suit cut at the waist so it is 2 pieces but covers the stomach.
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How can you fade a bright pink swimsuit?

The simplest thing to do is to bleach it. However chlorine will damage the material if not used correctly. To "fade" the swimsuit, dilute one cup of bleach into 2 gallons of w (MORE)
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Do lifeguard swimsuits have pads in them?

No. They are just normal swim suits colored red or another official color with a cross or "lifeguard" on them. Normally they are more durable than other swimsuits so they won' (MORE)

How do girls put on swimsuit?

It depends on the type of swimsuit. If it is a one piece suit with no fasteners, you would step into the opening at the top, pull it up, then work your arms into place. If it (MORE)
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Where are bikini swimsuits sold?

Bikini swimsuits can be purchased at various online sites as well as departmental stores and local clothing shops. Usually found in greater types during the spring summer seas (MORE)
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Is swimsuit is a noun?

Yes, the word 'swimsuit' is a noun, a garment designed to  wear when swimming; a word for a thing.   The noun 'swimsuit' is a singular, common,  concrete, compound noun.
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