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Who invented the swimsuit?

The concept of a suit made especially for bathing did not appearuntil the 18th century. In the 1920s, Australian swimmer AnnetteKellerman was the first to market a line of bat ( Full Answer )
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How do you buy a swimsuit?

you go to any store where you know sells swimsuits. you grab it off the rack and and bring it to the cash register. when the man/women rings it up and tells you how much you o ( Full Answer )
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Where is the swimsuit on Panfu?

Locker Room By The Swimming Pool. [First you have to get the armband and the goggles and then wait 1 day and come back to the Locker Room and then you can get the swimsuit, t ( Full Answer )
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What is the use of swimsuits?

Swimsuit, is the suit that we wears during swimming called swimsuit. It help us to swim well and protect our body from water.
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What is the swimsuit in panfu?

Well, if you go to the Swimming Pool on Panfu and get into it, all you do is walk on it. But, if you have the swimsuit, you can swim in the Swimming Pool when you get into it! ( Full Answer )
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How Do You Get swimsuit on clubpenguin?

First you must become a member. Then you earn enough coins to buy the suit. Next, go to the gift shop and click on the catalog.
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Is swimsuit a noun?

Yes, the word swimsuit is a noun, a word for any apparel designedto be worn while swimming, a word for a thing.
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How heavy is a swimsuit?

A swimsuit is not very heavy it only get a little heavy when we come out of water as it retains water
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What is a tankinis swimsuit?

Basically it is a 1 piece swim suit cut at the waist so it is 2 pieces but covers the stomach.
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Is swimsuit is a noun?

Yes, the word 'swimsuit' is a noun , a garment designed towear when swimming; a word for a thing. The noun 'swimsuit' is a singular , common , concrete , compound noun.