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How does Carl Swindler predict people's behavior?

He's really good at being able to mess with people's minds to get them to do what he wants and predicting their every move and behavior by understanding social psychology, the (MORE)

How does Carl Swindler read minds?

Carl Swindler is a master manipulator of people's thoughts, he's very skilled at reading body language to know what you're thinking. I assume he also uses other techniques lik (MORE)

Can I hypnotize people like Carl Swindler?

From what I've seen, Carl Swindler commands everyone's attention, establishes trust and develops rapport, then he studies each persons personality to determine how he'll contr (MORE)

Why is The Mentalist Carl Swindler banned from casinos?

Because Carl Swindler is an expert at memorizing decks of cards, he once bet $20 at a blackjack table and won $7,400 before busting a hand. He knows when other players are blu (MORE)
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Who is mentalist Carl Swindler?

Carl Swindler is a mind-reader, psychological illusionist and corporate event speaker who has entertained and amazed audiences all over the country. He has the power to get in (MORE)

What has the author William Finley Swindler written?

William Finley Swindler has written: 'Court and Constitution in the twentieth century' -- subject(s): United States, United States. Supreme Court 'Government by the people (MORE)

What has the author Daris Ray Swindler written?

Daris Ray Swindler has written: 'A study of the cranial and skeletal material excavated at Nippur' -- subject(s): Anthropometry 'Introduction to the primates' -- subject(s (MORE)