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What is providence in Swiss family Robinson?

It is a somewhat archair reference to God. There was, for example, a Divine Providence Hospital in Williamsport, Pa. ( not to be confused with the Divine Fairmount Hotel, whic (MORE)

Alta edition of Swiss family Robinson?

Alta Editions Books which featured many different stories in the late 1800's, including stories by Jules Verne, HG Wells, Dickens etc. There covers were leafy with the story t (MORE)

What is the Swiss family Robinson about?

it is about a father his wife elizabeth and there sons fritz ernest jack franz and there friends knips the monkey,jenny a girl they found on the island,and all of the animals (MORE)

Who are the Swiss family Robinson characters?

1.Papa , 2. Elizabeth- mother,   3.Fritz-15 year old son,   4.Ernest- 12 year old son,   Jack- 10 years old son,   5.Francis- 5 years old son , 6. Emily- Shipw (MORE)

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