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How long has the Swiss Guards guarded the Pope?

Various units of Swiss Guards existed for hundreds of years. The earliest such unit was the Swiss Hundred Guard (Cent-Garde) at the French court (1497 - 1830). This small fo (MORE)

What is Swiss procedure?

Swiss procedures of gold transaction Swiss procedures, which means that FIRST there is proof that the gold literally exists and that it is in fact for sale by the Owner hold (MORE)

What is a Swiss canton?

Uri is one of Switzerland's cantons. But a canton is a member state of the federal state of Switzerland.   Answer 2 Switzerland is a confederation of 26 semi-independent (MORE)

Who are the Swiss Guards?

The Swiss Guard of the Vatican consists of 6 officers and 110 men. All members of the guard must be Swiss, and privates must be unmarried. The men wear colorful uniforms that (MORE)

How many Swiss Guards are there?

At the end of 2005, there were 135 members of the Pontifical SwissGuard. This number consisted of a Commandant (bearing the rank ofOberst or Colonel), a chaplain, three office (MORE)

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I am Swiss?

Is this a question or a statement? "Swiss" means a citizen of Switzerland. If you want to know if your are a Swiss citizen, this depends on your parents' nationalities and (MORE)
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What is the official name of the Swiss Guard?

The Swiss Guard is known officially as the Guardia Svizzera Pontificia, the bodyguard of the popes which is recruited from the Catholic Swiss cantons and first established by (MORE)