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Why is your betta swollen?

It could be because he/she has over-eaten or because he/she has dropsy. If only the "chest" is swollen, he/she has probably eaten too much. Don't feed him/her for a day or two (MORE)

What can you do for a swollen eye?

  If your eyeball is swollen, get to an ophthalmologist pronto. If it is only the eyelid or the area around the eye, you can reduce the swelling by applying a cold pack (MORE)

Why is your ear swollen?

either because its infected or you just got it pierced. clean it with rubbing alcohol. not peroxide.
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What causes a swollen bottom lip?

A few different things can cause the bottom lip to become swollen.  It can be from trauma, allergic reaction, sunburn, or infection. It  is best to have it examined by a doc (MORE)
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Why are your dogs legs red and swollen?

There are several possible reasons that a dog's legs could be red  and swollen. Some of those possibilities are injury, diabetes, or  lymphoma. To determine the cause of thi (MORE)

Swollen outer ear?

The symptom of a swollen outer ear can be perichondritis, an ear  cartilage infection caused by bacteria. Another symptom is pain. A  cause for this condition can be injury (MORE)

Why is your thymus swollen?

I have been on meds for treating hypothyroidism for over three years and I noticed about two years ago a place on my breastbone that was becoming swollen. I've been watching i (MORE)
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What can you do for a swollen eyelid?

What someone can do for a swollen eyelid depends on why the lid is  swollen. If it is due to something inside the eye someone should  flush the eye and seek medical help, if (MORE)