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Why is your turtle swollen?

If your turtle is swollen and you notice that his shell is softening it is blood poisoning. If treated by a reptile vet immediately your turtle will be put on a drip. Howeve (MORE)

Why is your ear swollen?

either because its infected or you just got it pierced. clean it with rubbing alcohol. not peroxide.
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Your pitbull is swollen?

If they hit something on the side really hard then they tend to get bruised somewhere else because there system works differently

Why are feet swollen?

Swollen feet are a condition in which muscles in the feet have an excessive fluid. This excessive fluid can be causes of increasing weight. It is also called Edema which usual (MORE)

What do you do for a swollen knee?

First we must know the reason for the swealing. If it is an wound,surgical procedures may be applied. If reason for the Oedema is, for example Rheumatism, Podagra-goutor Insuf (MORE)

What is a swollen stream?

If the water level is higher than normal in a stream, it can be described as swollen; to swell is to get larger.
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What if the urethra is swollen?

Get to a doctor immediately, or you may find yourself completelyunable to urinate if it swells closed completely. You may need tohave a catheter passed into your bladder to em (MORE)