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What is wrong with Syorans right eye in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles?

  Basically, the Syaoran of the first 2 thirds of the series is a clone of the real Syaoran, created by Fei Wong Reed in order to bring him the feathers. You may recall a (MORE)

What was the ending of tsubasa chronicle?

To answer your immediate questions: Sakura does have a clone as well. But [clone] Syaoran spent his childhood with [clone] Sakura. And the [real] Syaoran and Sakura spen (MORE)

When is tsubasa Chronicles OVA 4 coming out?

We have the Two Series. 1-26 Season one 27-52 Season 2   Then we have 3 OVA's, Together they are one series called "Tokyo  Relevations"    The manga is completed a (MORE)

What is the connection between tsubasa chronicles and xxxholic?

Tsubasa Chronicles and Xxxholic are from Clamp. The two manga/anime sets in the same time but different world. But because of Sakura of Tsubasa losing her memories, they come (MORE)

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