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How do sycophants die in leven thumps?

read the chapter "how sycophants die" in wrath of ezra, and it will tell you. Or if you arent on that book yet. Sycophants are assigned to those who step into Foo. They help (MORE)

A sentence with sycophant?

The boy is such a sycophant to his parents, so he gets whatever he wants.
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Sycophant in a sentence?

Hoping to get the best mark in class,the sycophant flattered his teacherat every opportunity.   -Amisha Patel
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What does sycophant mean?

    A sycophant is a person who uses excessive flattery to try to gain favor from someone; also called an apple polisher, bootlicker, or brown-noser in slang.
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What is a sentence using sycophant?

Hoping to get the best grade in class, the sycophant flattered his teacher at every opportunity.
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