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Why did syd barrett go mad?

  The book "Pink Floyd" by William Ruhlmann (1993) variously refers to Syd Barretts "mental health", "mental stability", "erratic behaviour" and unreliability both on and (MORE)

When did syd barrett overdose on LSD?

Syd Barrett definitely didn't "overdose" on LSD. He did fry his  brain with heavy use of it, though. Pink Floyd makes numerous  references to his mental state, which dwindle (MORE)

Is Delores Barrett Campbell of the Barrett Sisters still alive?

She is alive and well and eighty two years old...some health issues but generally in good health.   Tidbits: The Barrett Sistersby EJ on Sept. 30, 2009 from (MORE)

What year did Syd Barrett go nuts?

in the middle of 1967. i would sat 1968 he officialy started lossing it. After his album "Barrett" he was never seen again by the Floyd members until 1975, when they were reco (MORE)

Did syd barret have autism?

No. Syd Barrett unfortunately wen't crazy because of the large amounts of drugs he was taking in the late 60's. The band had to let him go due to his lack of songwriting at th (MORE)