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Is Sydney a country?

Sydney is not a country. Sydney is one of the most famous cities located in Australia, and known for its iconic Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.
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Where is Sydney?

Sydney is situated on Australia's eastern coast. The city is built  around Port Jackson, which includes Sydney Harbour and the famous  Harbour Bridge. It is the capital of N (MORE)

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Is Sydney a desert?

No. Sydney is not a desert and in fact, is far from one. Its annual precipitation is around 1200 mm. The city is located in the temperate zone, and its summers can be hot and (MORE)

What is the value of a 1997 Australian Kingsford Smith unc One Dollar coin 'S' mintmark coin sold at Sydney Royal Easter Show?

An Australian 1997 copper-aluminium-nickel One Dollar coin (Elizabeth II)(Sir Charles Kingsford Smith Birth Centenary)(mintmark = C - issued at the RAM), uncirculated and in t (MORE)

What is a Smith?

An iron worker. Maker of tools and horseshoes and weapons, in olden times. ***** Smith meant maker or worker- Arrows were made by an arrowsmith, iron was worked by a blacksmit (MORE)

Why is Sydney Famous?

Sydney is famous for many reasons.   1) It is the most populous city in Australia, and the state capital  of New South Wales.   2) It is the site of the first British (MORE)
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What is Sydney known as?

Sydney is known as two things, 1. a name and 2. a place.    1. The name Sydney is both a boys' name and a girls' name.    2. The city of Sydney is located in Aus (MORE)

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