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What is a Syllabus?

Answer . a teaching plan. Answer . A syllabus is basically an outline. A syllabus is a description of a course, containing information about the course.
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What is eamcet syllabus?

The syllabus for AP EAMCET 2018 is as follows: (A) For Engineering stream Physics . Units and Measurements . Motion in a Plane . Motion in a Straight Line . Laws of M (MORE)
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Syllabus for FYJC IT?

1. Introduction to information technology 2. Office suite 3. Multimedia 4. Web browsers, email clients and messenger utilities 5. Introduction to networking 6. Intro (MORE)
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Syllabus for math?

hhh. for under graduate real analysis,integral calculus, algebra(modern),differential equations with laplace, statistics,operations research, complex analysis,graph theory
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What is the syllabus of jeca?

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What is the syllabus of this course?

Perhaps you are asking for the meaning of syllabus. A syllabus describes the actual content of an educational course, such as the subjects that will be discussed.
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What is the syllabus in DIT?

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) (PAPER- 1) Total Th Hrs 40 Total Pr Hrs 40 Total Th Mks 100 Total Pr. Mks 50 OBJECTIVES. This course (MORE)
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What is your syllabus and what do you use it for?

A syllabus is sort of like a schedule of what will be happening and what to expect. For example, my English teacher gives his students a syllabus at the beginning of the week (MORE)
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What are the weakness of syllabus?

1)some time it does not consider the level of the leaner 2)some time material are not relevant specified inveronment 3)
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What is the scope of a syllabus?

Briefly, the scope of a syllabus is to describe to the students the contract being made between the teacher (faculty) and the students. It serves many purposes for the student (MORE)