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What is symantec error?

If I remember correctly, when your talking about coding, it means the code does something, just not what it's supposed to do. I don't know it Symantec Error is used in referen (MORE)
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What does Symantec Corporation do?

A Symantec Corporation has to do with computers and firewalls and security for computers. Clouding and firewalls are the most popular securities for large computer firms curre (MORE)

What is symantec service framework?

Symantec are the firm behind Norton security software's. Service Framework(ccSvcHst.exe) is the file that display their software's visual's so the user can "communicate" wit (MORE)
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What is the best way to update Symantec?

There are a number of ways to update one's Symantec anti-virus software. The easiest, and arguably the best, is through the enabling automatic updating offered by the software (MORE)
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What is Symantec Netbackup used for?

Symantec Netbackup is a major backup and recovery suits. It works on a variety of platforms, including Windows, Linux, and Unix systems. It was released in February of 2013. (MORE)
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How much does Symantec pcAnywhere cost?

Symantec pcAnywhere provides remote access software for faster help desk support and issue resolution. The cost is $109.66 for a 1 year essential support per license.