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What is symbiosis?

Symbiosis is a close, prolonged association between two (or more) organisms of different species that may, but does not necessarily, benefit each member. The specific biolo ( Full Answer )
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What are examples of symbiosis?

Examples of symbiosis are: Parasitism-one is harmed (host) and the other benefits Commensalism -one is unaffected and the other benefits Mutualism- both organisms benefit E ( Full Answer )
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Example of symbiosis?

an example of symbiosis is a whale and a barnacle for the barnacle lives on the whale for a while --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( Full Answer )
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An example of symbiosis?

A symbiosis is a relationship between two distinct organisms thatcan sometimes be beneficial to both parties. An example showingsymbiosis is the relationship between humans an ( Full Answer )
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Symbiosis in a sentence?

can't be appot ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TO ANSWERER: what kind of an answer is that???? what does appot even mean??? TO ASKER: will get bac ( Full Answer )
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What is a jellyfish symbiosis?

Symbiosis means "living together". Symbiotic relationships are very common in the ocean, especially among animals living on coral reefs. There are several kinds of symbio ( Full Answer )
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What is the symbiosis relationship?

Within an ecosystem, there are thousands of organisms that live in a constant relationship with their environment. Relationships also develop among them which can be positive ( Full Answer )
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Why does symbiosis happen?

Symbiosis can occur between animals, plants, fungi or any combination thereof. Each organism contributes something that benefits the survival of the other, and in turn receive ( Full Answer )
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What is the relationships with symbiosis?

Symbiosis is two unlike organisms living together in a relationshipthat may or may not benefit both. An example is the cattle egret, abird that eats insects which have been di ( Full Answer )
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What do symbiosis mean?

interaction between two different organisms living in closephysical association, typically to the advantage of both.