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Is there any bad symbiosis?

If you mean parasitism, yes, there are plenty of that around. Example of this is the symbiotic relationship between a tick and its host. While the tick benefits by the blood i (MORE)
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What are 3 types of symbiosis?

The three types of symbiosis are... Mutualism: A relationship in which both species benefit. Commensalism: A relationship in which one species benefits and the other speci (MORE)

What is symbiosis?

Symbiosis is a close, prolonged association between two (or more) organisms of different species that may, but does not necessarily, benefit each member. The specific biolog (MORE)
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What symbiosis is lichen?

  It is mutualism, when both species benefit from the relationship. Lichen is made up of fungus and algae; the fungus anchors the lichen to the ground and provides moi (MORE)
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What is a sentence for symbiosis?

(Many plants and animals have a symbiotic relationship.) "Elephants and the birds that eat bugs off them are an example of symbiosis." "The clown fish and the Rittiri sea ane (MORE)

What are types of symbiosis?

1.mutualism - mutual benefit for both the partners. 2.parasitism- benefit for the parasite ; attacks the host. 3.commensalism - benefit for the commensal ; host is unharme (MORE)

What are the types of symbiosis?

Mutualism, commensalism, and paratism. Mutualism happens when two species both benefit from the relation ship between them. A lichen is a mutualistic relationship between an a (MORE)
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What does symbiosis mean?

Symbiosis is the relationship between two different species oforganisms that are interdependent; each gains benefits from theother.

What is the opposite of symbiosis?

  The opposite of symbiosis is parasitism. A parasite takes from another organism without giving anything back.
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What is the symbiosis relationship?

Within an ecosystem, there are thousands of organisms that live in a constant relationship with their environment. Relationships also develop among them which can be positive (MORE)