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What is symbiosis?

Symbiosis is a close, prolonged association between two (or more) organisms of different species that may, but does not necessarily, benefit each member. The specific biolog (MORE)

Symbiosis in the rainforest?

symbiosis in the rain forest is when two animals of different species have a special relationship in which at least one benefits from the other. there are three different type (MORE)
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What is an example of symbiosis?

an example of symbiosis is a whale and a barnacle for the barnacle lives on the whale for a while --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (MORE)

What is a symbiosis for commensalism?

Commensalism is a symbiotic relationship were one animal benefits and the other animal is not affected. An example of commensalism is the relationship between barnacles and (MORE)
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What does symbiosis describes?

In symbiosis there is benefit to both host and symbiont.example in the intestine of termite tryconympha companula is present. It secretes the cellulose digesting enzyme beta-g (MORE)