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What is a symbol?

When an object, concept or teaching is represented by something  different, then symbolism is being used. An example might be a bird  in flight being used as a symbol for fr (MORE)

What are symbols for?

Answer   Symbols are images that represent an object or idea. Common symbols include flags of nations, crosses on churches, x - railroad crossing sign.   Symbols are a (MORE)

What are symbols?

Symbols are a picture or most of the time animal that represents something. For example, the symbols of peace is birds/doves or the symbols of being strong is muscle.   The (MORE)

Symbolism of the triquetra symbol?

The triquetra symbolises many things. With the ancient Celts it represents the the stages of a woman. Maiden-Mother-Wise woman the first being the maiden - in your early years (MORE)

What is your symbol?

Mormons do not use the cross as a symbol of our faith. Instead, the actions of our members are our symbols. It is how we act and what we do that represents the church. Our sym (MORE)

Why do you have symbols?

I personally think that we have symbols for many reasons such as; 1. to simplify maths but putting symbol in places to represent things, like in algebra 2. to separate the wo (MORE)

What does the olympic symbols symbolize?

the five ring indicates the five continents that participate the inukshuk is just a representation of British Colombia and the Olympic torch represents peace to each other tha (MORE)