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What does symptomatic mean?

  Answer   symp·to·mat·ic (sĭm'tə-măt'ĭk, sĭmp'-) adj.   # Of, relating to, or based on symptoms: symptomatic relief.  # Constituting a symptom, as of a (MORE)

How do you get symptomatic relief of dry cough?

Dry cough is usually cause by dry, itchy throat. Gargle with salt water will soothe the area. Delsym, Mucinex DM is a good over the counter medication but do check with physi (MORE)

What is the symptomatic stage of HIV?

You can call the first stage a flu-type infection. But it doesn'tmean that any flu-like infections are caused by HIV, it just thatthe flu-like infections are common in the beg (MORE)