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How do you sync an iPod?

  itunes is a good place to put music on ipods. You just press file then sinc ipod
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How do you lip sync?

Lip syncing is very simple, Well... That is if you know the song you plan to lip sync by heart. All you need to do is play the song pretty loud and instead of singing along wi (MORE)

What does 'sync' mean?

'Sync' is a commonly used abbreviation for 'synchronize,' which means to have two or more things in harmony with each other; to agree on a time; at the same time. For example, (MORE)
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What does sync mean?

  In iTunes, syncing is when you make the contents of your iPod the same as what's currently in your iTunes library.
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Is syncing free?

If you have the music on I tunes that you already want then you can hit sync and it is free if you want music but don't want to pay just go and download a music program like.. (MORE)

What is active sync?

"Active Sync" is basicly the same thing as "Sync" or "Syncing". It means "downloading" in another word. What it means is, anything that you have downloaded for your ipod/iphon (MORE)

How do you spell in sync?

That is the correct spelling of the phrase "in sync" (coordinated, as in time). The proper noun, a band, is styled 'N Sync (active 1995-2002).
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What is heat sync?

I think it should be "sink". It is usually a conductive material with large heat capacity that is in contact with a component producing heat during the components operation an (MORE)